"Baby Goose" Gets Loose

Many of you know about Ryan Gosling’s heroism when he’s not busy playing a hearthrob on the silver screen. What you may not know is that he sings. In a band. And performs under the alias “Baby Goose.” This I assure you, is no ruse (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Yes Baby Goose fronts the band Dead Man’s Bones with his friend Zach Shields

In the video for the ghostly, “In The Room Where You Sleep” Gosling sings and plays the piano, while a chorus of children dressed in Halloween costumes chime in. The song is off the self-titled debut album, Dead Man’s Bones, released last year. The chilling song is quite impressive, not to mention festive. The whole album in fact is perfect for getting into the ‘spirit’ of Halloween this week, as the tracks are essentially love stories about ghosts and monsters. Turns out Shields and Gosling share an obsession with the supernatural. How apropos.

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