Amy Winehouse Remembered

Since the release of Amy Winehouse’s debut album, Back to Black, in 2007, I have not stopped listening to this amazing record. Her music always pops up on my Pandora station and I never tire of listening to it. Though now when I listen to Amy, it will be with an air of sadness each time. Sadness for the insurmountable vocal and writing talent she possessed and the music she had yet to share with the world, and sadness for the inner demons she was never quite able to conquer. Not only will the singer be remembered for her inimitable music, but for her style which quickly reached icon status. From the beehive hair to the wing-tipped eyeliner, to the striking tattoos and retro clothing, her unique look greatly influenced both the fashion and music industry. Truly a gifted and unique artist, Amy, you will be greatly missed.

Amy Winehouse: September 14 1983 –  July 23 2011

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