All The Fun Was Had At
Fun Fun Fun Fest

This weekend was the most jubilant festival in all the land – Fun Fun Fun Fest. So nice they named it thrice. The eclectic lineup, from metal to hip-hop to indie to comedy, offers something for every music palette and results in a great mix of people coming together for the weekend. People who care about music more than your average joe, creating a sense of comradery that other festivals lack.

Am I sounding nostalgic? Sorry, I’m already counting down the days till next year. That being said, here are some memorable highlights from the Fun Fun Fun weekend that I will forever cherish:

1. Ginuwine riding it

Ginuwine’s “Pony” is one of my favorite songs in existence. Getting to see the man himself perform it live while gyrating and tearing apart his t-shirt? Priceless. And yes he did “ride it” like a pony on stage. Consider this bucket list item checked. Also I’m pretty sure we made eye contact at one point. Just sayin’.


2. Run The Jewels sticking it to Sun Kil Moon

During their hyped set, the duo shared a little exchange they had backstage with Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek before their competing sets. Run The Jewels’ El-P said he was a big fan of Sun Kil Moon and Sun Kil Moon responded in the only way he would, with “Suck my dick, Run The Jewels.” So during their set, Run The Jewels asked the audience to respond so loudly that Sun Kill Moon could hear from his stage, “Suck my dick, Sun Kil Moon.” It was all in jest, but it was pretty badass nonetheless.

The set culminated with Run The Jewels firing off the taco cannon (a Fun Fun Fun Fest staple met with lots of fanfare including trumpet players). I never caught one of those tacos so word’s out on how the flying grub tastes, but hey, free food is free food #amirite?


3. Behind the scenes

From interviewing Wildcat! Wildcat! and Yelle to playing ping pong with Zorch at Citygram’s Moroccan-inspired tent, there were a lot of great behind the scenes moments (full disclosure: I’m Citygram’s Music Correspondent). Yelle couldn’t have been nicer and gushed hard about her love for Austin – she’s even thinking about moving to the music capitol. Wildcat! Wildcat! gave me some insight into their emoji habits and also played a late night show at Empire Control Room with wet and Sohn which was one of the highlights of the weekend. Everyone’s performance was spot on.



4. First Aid Kit’s golden set

The Swedish sisters sparkled during their set and it wasn’t because of their gold jackets. Rather, their raw talent shined through as song after song sounded flawless. First Aid Kit played all their big singles including “My Silver Lining” and the new “Stay Gold.” The ladies also covered Jack White’s “Love Interruption” which I found myself just as partial to as the original. Can we get a recording of that cover, please?


5. Foxygen and his synchronized sequined backup singers

If you haven’t seen Foxygen live you’re missing out. This was my third time seeing them in action and it was their best performance yet. Lead singer Sam France was up to his usual explosive stage-antics, jumping, head-banging and flailing around all over the place. He also had three back-up singers on stage with him. Donned in sequined outfits and with choreographed moves, it added a Motown vibe turned on its head. It was unexpected and amazing.


Other highlights include: the epic dance party at Girl Talk, the transportive Alt-J engulfed in a cloud of smoke and a brilliant light show, Modest Mouse reminding us to ‘float on’, and more. There was also the run-ins with friends, the food and the chill vibes.

The weather was perfect, the music divine, and the people looking fine. It was a grand time.

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