Alexis Taylor’s ‘Elvis’ + New Hot Chip Cover

Did you know Hot Chip front-man Alexis Taylor dabbles as a solo artist? In 2008 the singer released Rubbed Out, and now he’s following it up with Await Barbarians, via Domino on June 19th.

On the lead single “Elvis Has Left the Building“, Taylor sings in his gentle manner about Prince, Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston and other “lost souls”. “We have to take control” says Taylor, and later, “the time will come for saving”.

There’s no disputing the song’s somber tone, but while Taylor (and his Hot Chip mates) excels at dance tracks, he has a penchant for ballads as well – think “Made In The Dark” and “One Life Stand”. Add the delicate “Elvis Has Left The Building” to the roster of emotive strains.

Wondering what Hot Chip’s up to these days? The guys recently recorded a cover of Nigerian synth legend William Onyeabor’s track, “Atomic Bomb” for Record Store Day on April 19th. Check out the epic track:

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