Alex Winston Wants To Be “Careless”

Indie-pop darling Alex Winston could care less. Actually. Her spirited single “Careless” is about trying to let go, and let down, her guard. While the song sounds like it’s solely about a relationship, “Careless” also speaks to Winston’s difficulties with getting personal on paper.

“I’ve never been comfortable writing songs about myself,” said Winston in a press release. “It’s always been easier for me to tell stories, so I wasn’t used to being as vulnerable, but I had to be during writing. I felt like I was doing myself a disservice not making the album personal because I’ve had a few tumultuous years.”

For her upcoming sophomore album, Winston carefully peels back the layers to reveal new parts of herself. “Careless” shows that despite a few challenging years, the singer hasn’t lost her way as she sings, “I want to be careless, why can’t I be careless.”

The music and lyrics remain just as passionate and powerful as her superb 2012 debut, King Con. If she can pour her heart out into those fabled songs, I can only imagine the electricity her follow-up has in store.

“Careless” will be released as a 7″ with the b-side “We Got Nothing” on February 10th via Neon Gold. Winston’s sophomore album with be released in the spring of 2015. Catch her previewing new material from the album at a January 22nd headlining show at Neon Gold’s Popshop in New York City.

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