Alex Winston Tackles Feelings
and "101 Vultures"

Trusting somebody takes guts, something Alex Winston is all too familiar with. Breaking that trust? Well, that’s a whole other mess. One that Winston neatly packages into biting lyrics on the single, “101 Vultures.

Calling out the person who scorned her Winston remarks, “I never met a hero who would leave you in the trenches,” before she breaks into the chorus singing, “I don’t mean to be so crass about the situation but it’s easier than breaking down. In a sea of motherfuckers, man, you were no salvation, face it. Why’d you go and leave me to the vultures.”

Getting on her bad side? Not the smartest idea.

The ballad delivers more of Alex Winston’s stunning, raw voice set to echoing harmonies and pulsing drums. I’m guessing news of an EP or LP isn’t far behind. Listen to “101 Vultures” below.

Photo by Shervin Lainez

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