Alex Winston Shows Her ‘Guts’
At Milk Studios

Walking past the load-in station of Milk Studios last night, the scene was calm. Post work hours, the streets were bare aside from a small group of people smoking out front Milk’s back entrance – the only indicator that the night was not over, but just beginning. Little did passersby know, a frenzy was brewing below their feet.

Alex Winston was performing a special album release show in the studios basement. Two flights down, the scene quickly changed from cool and calm, to stifling and chaotic. The small room was packed wall to wall, as people spilled out into the hallway. Everyone kept shuffling, trying to get a glimpse of the bright eyed singer.

The petite Winston stands at 5 feet, but made full use of the stage to ensure everyone could see her. Barfeoot she climbed atop a speaker, another time onto her bandmate’s drum, holding onto a ceiling rafter for support. She even managed to carve a path down the center of the congested room, getting (even more) up close and personal with the audience. Bringing a tambourine with her, she handed it to a man standing nearby and nodded for him to accompany her. Grinning, he obliged.

Winston played a full hour long set, her rich, velvety voice never letting up. Everyone was dancing with Winston’s encouragement to her buoyant catalog, including “Medicine,” “Sister Wives,” “Guts” and “Locomotive.” She commended everyone’s enthusiasm in spite of the heat.

Closing the set Winston asked, “Do you want to hear one or two more songs?” It was a unanimous vote for the latter.

Alex Winston’s debut album King Con is out now. Get your hands on it and view more photos from the show here.

Image source: Awol Erizku

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