Album Review: Tatiana Kochkareva’s Infinity

Tatiana Kochkareva breaks through barriers on Infinity, her debut LP out tomorrow (April 19th). The album’s title signifies a strong theme throughout the recording, as the singer confronts limitations both emotional and social, with a resolve to not let either prevent her from achieving her goals.

On the leading “Mistakes” Kochkareva serves up two versions of the song. The first is short and sweet, clocking in at 1 minute and reminiscent of a parable as she surmises, “in life there’s lots to learn.” Version #2 has a quickened pace and a tempo much like a marching band. A brooding track, Kochkareva sings “this is a man’s world, this is our world…it’s such a cruel, cruel world.”

On the reverberating “Winter” Kochkareva shows a more vulnerable side as she sings about a relationship that’s turned barren, singing gently, “I gave it all. What else do you want.” Following this is the wrenching “Man of Tormented Feelings,” a stripped-down ballad about breaking down one’s emotional walls (and perhaps a fear of commitment) on this beautifully emotive song.

Turning up the energy, the singer launches into “Don’t Dim The Lights,” a heady synth-soaked track about facing facts, as she sings, “It’s time to face the bitterness of truth. My mistakes, I count them all in hopes for some rest.”

The challenges of making it in the big city are explored on “Downville Town,” and those days when you want to pack it all in and call it quits. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. A steadfast track, Kochkareva sings about rising above the hardship with resolve, “you won’t save me from the heartbreak, but you won’t let me stay in Downville Town.”

Kochkareva gets her wings on the single “Fly High” a song about setting free from a tangled relationship. A similar sentiment is evoked on the playful “Roses” and stirring “What Is It.”

The tender “Can’t Sleep” closes the album, a sweet song about the excitement and satisfaction about finding happiness (see her performing the song at the SoundDessert anniversary showcase last March). Sending a message that perseverance pays off in the end.

With Infinity, Kochkareva shows she has infinite strength and infinite talent.

See her at The Living Room for her album release show April 19th at 8! And stream the album in full on AOL Music.

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