Airwaves to Runways

Music and fashion have always been closely intertwined. Punk, grunge, hip-hop, pop, indie. Every genre of music seems to have a defining style; an emotion, attitude, or belief that gets sewn into one’s daily dress. I, like many, have been stylistically influenced by music, but have also discovered music via fashion.

The first time I was introduced to Echo and the Bunnymen, for example, was not through my sisters old record collection or Donnie Darko, but a fashion show aired on NYC TV. As I eyed the designs (of who now, I no longer remember) my ears noticed something else. “Lips Like Sugar” was floating in the background as the models glided down the runway. I became an instant fan right then and there.

As of late, I have been listening to the fabulous Hercules and Love Affair. And apparently I am not the only one who thinks they are in vogue. After a YouTube search of the band I came across the Chanel Fall 2008-2009 fashion show. “Blind” sets the pace for the strutting models. “Hercules Theme” is even on the designers Web site. Music helps create the mood and sentiment of a designers collection, reflecting the personalities which may be fitting for the pieces.

Music and fashion breathe life into one another. They are a dynamic tour de force.
What ever would become of one without the other as its muse? I could not imagine it.

Listen to “Hercules Theme”

Hercules Theme – Hercules & Love Affair

Watch the Chanel fashion show:

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