Air Asks How Far Would You Go?

I attended a private screening of the new Cartier + Air collaboration last week titled, “Painted Love.” The exclusive short film illustrates the Cartier slogan “How far would you go for love?” which the jewelery brand has invited artists to explore and manifest since 2008. For their project, Air teamed up with directors Waverly (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, TV on the Radio) to bring to life their love story.

The story dates back to the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea – an artist and his muse. A painter wanders around New York City in search of this ideal woman he has in his head, and in his art, but fails to find her in the physical realm. That’s when it happens. The artists sacrifices his reality and jumps inside his painting to be with the one he loves.

“The idea of the muse is very important to me, it is like a driving force. I know that for every album, we have needed a love story as a motivation. Creating art is like a huge need to be loved” – Air

“Painted Love” debuts tomorrow (Nov 9). Watch the behind the scenes video now, featuring Air discussing the concept of the muse, partnering with Cartier and more.

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