Adam Green & Binki Shapiro Break Up Together

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro have collaborated on their first album together, scheduled for release January 29, 2013 via Concord/Rounder Records. Green met Shapiro after opening for Little Joy on tour. Mesmerized by her voice, he approached Binki about recording together. The two worked on songs together in NYC and both sought inspiration from personal breakups they recently endured. Says the duo:

“We were both going through transitional stuff, “Green admits, “romantic dysfunction type situations. There was something existential about it; two people who are singing together but who are very isolated. There is something kind of funny about me writing Binki’s breakup record and she writing mine. I would write something down and think,’this is the perfect thing for Binki to say’. And I felt like she would have the same thoughts about me.”

“It’s interesting when you write and think about somebody else singing the words,” Shapiro says. “You take all the vanity out of it. You say what you want to say. It created a freer space to write whatever we wanted.” Continues Green, “We’re both really romantic and we wanted to make this really romantic record, but it ends up being more reflective. I didn’t picture this before we made it and I can’t think of a reference point, another record that has this feeling.” []

Preview “Here I Am”, a breezy song echoing late-sixties folk-pop, for a taste of what to expect from this enchanting pair!

11/02/2012  Hoboken, NJ / Maxwell’s  (with Caged Animals)

11/05/2012 New York, NY / Le Poisson Rouge  (with Computer Magic)

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