Adam Faucett – Blood Is Blood

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Adam Faucett sings of suburban life and the working man. Faucett pens confessional, poignant narratives brimming with blues and folk rock. Then there’s Faucett’s voice – piercingly soulful and compelling.

The single “Blood Is Blood” tells the story of a baby abandoned by his mother and the man who reluctantly raises the child in her absence. “I never named the boy he can do that himself” sings Faucett, “taught him how to drive a car before he were nine.”

Filmmaker Frank Donnangelo created the cinematic video which follows the story between the down-on-his-luck father and the young boy who finds companionship in a cassette player. Check it out above.

Faucett’s upcoming release Blind Water Finds Blind Water drops March 11 via Last Chance Records.

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