A Vetiver Valentine’s

Soft, bubbly, squishy, these are just a few adjectives that come to mind when listening to the folksy Vetiver. Andy Cabic’s soothing voice could appease even the most menacing of guard dogs. A carefree spirit skips through the songs, putting a little spring in your step as you listen. The rest of Vetiver is comprised of–wouldn’t you know, Devendra Banhart, Alissa Anderson and Jim Gaylord. The band has also collaborated on songs with Joanna Newsom.

On the verge of launching their fourth album, Tight Knit, (out Feb 17) this is Vetiver’s first release via their new home Sub Pop Records. Clean and controlled, the title certainly reflects the quality and crispness of their latest work. The song ‘Everyday’ is sweet and romantic and reminds me of budding spring days. A cutesy song for Valentine’s day, if any of you love birds out there are compiling mix Cd’s for the occasion. Personally, I never pass up an opportunity to indulge in chocolate, but that’s another story 🙂

Take a listen below, or stream the whole album at lastfm. Have a lovely weekend!

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