A Peak Inside A Rapper’s Reflections…

The Rose That grew From Concrete

“Did u hear about the rose that grew from a crack
in the concrete
Proving nature’s laws wrong it learned 2 walk
without having feet
Funny it seems but by keeping its dreams
it learned 2 breathe fresh air
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else even cared!”

Starry Night
Dedicated in memory of
Vincent Van Gogh

“a creative heart, obsessed with satisfying
This dormant and uncaring society
u have given them the stars at night
and u have given them Bountiful Bouquets of Sunflowers
But 4 u there is only contempt
and though u pour yourself into that frame
and present it so proudly
this world could not accept your masterpieces
from the heart

So on that starry night
u gave 2 us and
u took away from us
The one thing we never acknoweledged
your life”

-Tupac Shakur


  • Reply November 11, 2008


    aww i’m flattered, thank you!

  • Reply November 11, 2008


    did i ever tell you that you’re fabulous? Love,


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