A Lynching Town

Famed filmmaker David Lynch, has taken a detour from scoring his films and collaborating on other musical projects (Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse), to create his very own debut album, Crazy Clown Time, out November 7th. The Blue Velvet and Eraserhead director creates quite a “Lynchian” experience as one might expect. As is stated on his web site, “Filled with foreboding soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic lyrics, this is music that will resonate not only with fans of Lynch’s films, but also to listeners who appreciate daring, experimental music.”

Experimental it is. As the album progresses, each track seems to get more distorted, with Lynch manipulating his voice in a variety of formats. Some of the songs run as long as 7 minutes, including the title track. I personally found some of the lyrics (including on the title track) to be a bit repetitive, and as a result somewhat arduous. Don’t get me wrong though, there are a number of songs that I think are incredible, including the opening track “Pinky’s Dream” featuring Karen O. Take a listen below, and stream the whole album in full on NPR.

   David Lynch featuring Karen O – Pinky’s Dream by Hypetrak

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