A Formidable Law

The Joy Formidable’s second album, Wolf’s Law, is schedule for release in early 2013, and the band recently released a stunning black and white video inspired by the album title. However ‘Wolf’s Law’ (the track) will not be featured on the album (a little confusing I know).

Read what band members Ritzy and Rhydian had to say about the video:

‘captures the unforgiving momentum of life, the restlessness of nature’s cycles and the parallels as well as the uniqueness of each creature’s journey. Contrasting images of the forces of nature at its most violent and destructive with nature as creator, the film poses essential questions which have been at the forefront of our minds throughout the recording process of ‘Wolf’s Law’. Recording in Wales, London, upstate New York and downtown Manhattan presented us with the extremes of existence from rural solitude to some of the busiest and most developed urban environments on our planet and those contrasts and the thoughts they provoked very much filtered into the choice of images that comprise the film’.

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