A Bluebrained Idea

The National Mall by BLUEBRAIN. The First Location-Aware Album from BLUEBRAIN on Vimeo.

[via bluebra.in]Whatever you call it, Bluebrain’s ‘The National Mall’ is the first of its kind: A location-aware album, available only as a mobile app.

Designed to play exclusively withing the physical boundaries of the national mall in Washington D.C., this is a sonic ‘choose your own adventure’; an album that doesn’t progress in a linear manner but, rather, evolves based on the user’s chosen walking path and pace, utilizing the devices built in GPS-capabilities. Musical swells, arrangements shifts, rhythms and melodies all change in accordance with the listeners chosen route within miles of landscape.

Bluebrain’s second location-aware album, designed for Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York, is slated for release in the coming months. A third album, available later this year, will span a stretch of California’s Highway One.

Bluebrain is Hays Holladay and Ryan Holladay

What do you think of the concept? Would you check it out?

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