9 Things From Kimbra’s “90s Music”

Kimbra dropped an ultimate throwback video for “90s Music”, the debut single off her upcoming sophomore release, The Golden Echo, comin’ atcha in late August.

Littered with 90s pop-culture references, the track itself has little to do with the decade and everything to do with an ex. In every relationship – no matter the length – there’s always a song (or ten) that holds significance. For this consciously uncoupled couple, it was all about “listening to 90s music” erryday.

Until said lover “moved to the burbs”.

The relationship didn’t survive, but the 90s jams certainly did.

There’s so many list-worthy things in this video it could be a BuzzFeed. In that respect, here’s 9 epic 90s staples featured in this visual blitz of glitter and day-glo:

1. Lisa Frank stickers and thangs.

2. A VHS tape (please be kind…rewind)!

3. Fisheye hip-hop video sequences (definitely inspired by P.Diddy, Missy Elliott and TLC).

4. Kimbra rockin’ a tube top made of belts.

5. Platform shoes that would make the Spice Girls salivate.

6. Saved By The Bell inspired graphics and fonts.

7. Neon. So much neon.

8. Kimbra again sporting the most amazing bejeweled headphones.

9. Name-dropping the following 90s icons: R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, TLC, Left Eye.

Thanks for the memories, Kimbra. Friends, never stop listening to them 90s hits – you feel me?

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