10 Best Ways To Discover New Music

Being a blogger I’m often asked how I discover new music, so I decided to compile a list of some of the best services out there for discovering new music. I excluded listing blogs and largely focused on sights that target music based on your listening preferences. As a music lover I am always keeping my ears open and discover a lot of new music in stores, restaurants, bars, and on tv. However for music surfing the internet, these are some great resources:

1. Shuffler.fm : “The web is your player, bloggers are your dj’s.”
Shuffler lets you choose your “channel” or music genre, and then hops around the internet streaming music from relevant blogs. The channels are ordered by post time, so you get to hear what music people are buzzing about in real time. Not only does the Amsterdam based start-up introduce you to great bands, it also alerts you too awesome new blogs to add to your RSS feed. It’s the blogosphere simplified.

2. We Are Hunted : “The online music chart”
We Are Hunted charts what people are saying on blogs, facebook, twitter, message boards, etc. to track the world’s most popular emerging songs on the social web in real-time. Check out what’s emerging, what’s popular, or leave it to We Are Hunted to help you discover new music based on your taste.

3. RCRD LBL : the “exclusively online label”
RCRD LBL is the go-to source for free, curated, legal, MP3 downloads from established and emerging artists. A great source for remixes, this is one place you can go for guilt-free quality downloads.

4. The Sixty One : “A music adventure”
thesixtyone is like the web version of VH1’s Pop Up Video. Stream songs while fun facts about the band/music pop up on the screen. You can add comments while you listen, sharing your opinion with the rest of the community. Add songs to your favorites and hit skip when you’re ready for something new.

5. Pandora : “Personalized internet radio”
Pandora uses what they call the Music Genome Project to categorize music in order to create finite recommendations based on your taste.  You are the DJ, creating your station and choosing what artists get played, while Pandora does the work to introduce you to new music you’ll love.
6. SuperGlued : “Amp up your concert experience”
There’s nothing better than disconnecting from your computer and going to a LIVE show! SuperGlued is an awesome resource for keeping tabs on live shows in your area, sharing the experience and meeting new people. There’s so many great venues with an awesome lineup of talent every night of the week – especially in cities like NYC. Pick a venue and go listen. Chances are you’ll hear something you like. Sign up and get plugged in.

7. NPR All Songs Considered : “The place to discover music”
NPR features roundtable discussions about new music, reviews, live concerts, artist interviews, guest DJ appearances and more. Hear about bands as they break, by listening to the weekly podcast. The songs are carefully selected with great commentary to boot. Pretty much everyone is familiar with NPR but if you aren’t subscribed to their podcast yet, be sure to fix that immediately.

8. Grooveshark : “The world’s music library”
Grooveshark delivers the world’s music to the world more easily. Users have the freedom to stream songs, create playlists, and access favorited songs. Songs and playlists can easily be shared on social networks, e-mailed to friends, or exported as a widget to post on blogs. Extremely user friendly, the site makes it easy to share music however you please.

9. OurStage : “The new music revolution”
OurStage lets you be the judge, and rank artists from 40 genres of music. The higher the marks for an artist, the higher the stakes. By becoming a fan and voting for your favorite music, you help artists score opportunities to: open and record for headlining acts, get mentored by famous producers, record with major label acts, and/or obtain premier licensing opportunities. Then you get to brag about how you knew them when.

10. Friends
Word of mouth is a huge way people discover new music. Not to mention your friends are a tried and tested resource. I’ve discovered so many great artists from my friends. So update your facebook and your status and say “Hey friends, who are you listening to?” and be amazed by the response you get–some of the answers may even surprise you.


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    Cool, thanks for the tip!

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    http://songspin.fm is really cool new music discovery site. it’s kind of like hype machine meets stumbleupon.

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